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NCAA disrespects women’s basketball tournament via failure to provide similar amenities

It’s almost like all the gender equity ideals preached by the organization solely designed to keep student-athletes from making money aren’t being lived. Shocking!

The Baylor Lady Bears pose with the trophy after defeating the West Virginia Mountaineers in the Big 12 Women’s Basketball Tournament. Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

There is no organization on earth that is affected by Title IX more than the NCAA. The law has a three-prong test to show they’re serving men and women equally, and has rules to ensure gender equity (or at least the path towards it).

And the NCAA embraces these rules on women and their equal status fully in their rhetoric. They issue reports. They create pledges. They also require all schools to have gender equity plans on file.

But when it comes to action, this is what they do. Let Oregon Ducks forward Sedona Prince show you the difference in the setup for the NCAA Tournament in this COVID-19 year for men and women.

Here’s the bald-faced lie statement from the NCAA Prince references above.

And there’s more. Check out the difference in swag every men’s player in Indianapolis received compared to every women’s player in San Antonio.

Don’t worry: Lynn Holzman is back with a very good reason for the difference.

Oh, of course! Good thing she also locked her Twitter account because of all the notifications from people apologizing to her for their mistake.

I’ve met Lynn Holzman at a couple events around the Women’s Final Four when it’s been in Tampa in 2015 and 2019. She seems very nice, competent, and qualified for her position. But If you’re the VP of women’s basketball... how are you not advocating for the women that play your sport to be treated with fully equality in all aspects of their postseason experience??

It’s an embarrassment. You’ll be shocked to learn it appears the rhetoric from the NCAA once again fails to match the reality on the ground. But for an organization with such respect across the board from everyone involved, this must be a true disappointment.

Or exactly what everyone expected. And to be fair to the full-time staff in Indianapolis, there might not have been enough money. Maybe they spent the weight room money on lobbying Congress to keep student-athlete’s from being able to capitalize on their name.

This is another reason it is long, long past time for NCAA President Mark Emmert to go. The organization repeatedly fails to live up to their rhetoric under his leadership. It’s time to clean house in Indianapolis.

Not in the bubble, but in the corporate-style offices down the street.