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President Obama fills out his bracket, goes chalk with Gonzaga and Illinois

The former Commander-in-Chief is now the Hoops Head in chief, and he continues his tradition of posting his NCAA bracket that looks very favorite-heavy.

UPDATE: Well, President Obama is technically 0-0 to start his bracket, but sort of off to a bad start with general predictions. Although the name was scratched out a bit, he appears to have picked Michigan State to beat BYU in the first round. Michigan State lost their play-in game to UCLA. If UCLA wins, then technically he gets the point there for any bracket entries.

Perhaps the most famous Presidential/sports tie-in is that of Richard Nixon allegedly calling a play for the Washington Football Team in 1971. The play lost 13 yards, and Nixon was impeached less than three years later. That didn’t work out so well.

But what does work is President Barack Obama filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket each year since ascending to the White House in 2009. Even though his former VP lives in his old digs while he’s down the street in Kalorama, he’s still putting out brackets.

Here’s a look at who the former Hawai’i high school basketball state champion has winning it all in March Madness:

All four No. 1 seeds in the Final Four. How is the guy that ordered the perilous Bin Laden raid so risk-averse when picking college teams?

He’s got No. 12 UCSB over No. 5 Creighton, and that appears to be No. 11 Michigan State winning their First Four game tonight and going over No. 6 BYU, but otherwise it’s so chalky the former law school professor should have been written it on a blackboard.

We’ll see how the President known to the Secret Service as Renegade, while failing to live up to his name with his picks, does against the field in DraftKings Sportsbook’s Yunengling March Mania Battle Contest when all is said and done.