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AP College Basketball Poll Week 12: Blueblood free for the first time in 60 years

The Top 25 is without plenty of its premier name-brand programs.

Gonzaga forward Anton Watson celebrates with Gonzaga guard Jalen Suggs and his teammates after a dunk during the college basketball game between the Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Pepperdine Waves on January 30, 2021 at the Firestone Fieldhouse in Malibu, CA. The game was played without fans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There’s something missing in the AP Top 25 poll for February 8th: Plenty of the programs that have sustained the sport for most of the last 60 years.

That’s a lot of fan interest and dollars not coming home right now. And boy are these programs down. Kentucky is 5-12 and just begging for the season to be over. Kansas was a Top-3 team earlier this season, but is now 6-5 in Big 12 play and has lost five in a row on the road. North Carolina and Duke at Cameron Indoor is usually the toughest ticket in the sport, but they played a game with no fans for no rankings points last Saturday night. UCLA got throttled by USC that same night, and when all is in balance the Trojans only throttle the Bruins in football.

Kansas and USC are still likely in the NCAA Tournament, but UNC and Duke need to start winning, and Kentucky needs to start focusing on 2022. The good news is this has made room for some non-traditional powers such as Baylor and Texas Tech (yes, national championship game, we know... still not a blueblood) towards the top of the slate.

Whether this is a coincidental blip in the matrix or a long-term changing of the dynamics of the sport is yet to be determined. But there’s an awful lot of brand-name fans not enjoying their team too much during this pandemic. Let’s hope they at least enjoy the rest of the games, especially Gonzaga and Baylor which are incredibly fun to watch play basketball.

Here is the AP College Basketball Poll for February 8th:

AP Poll Week 12 College Basketball

Ranking Team Record Movement
Ranking Team Record Movement
1 Gonzaga 18-0 -
2 Baylor 17-0 -
3 Michigan 13-1 +1
4 Ohio State 15-4 +3
5 Villanova 12-2 -2
6 Illinois 13-5 +6
7 Texas Tech 14-5 +6
8 Houston 16-2 -3
9 Virginia 13-3 +5
10 Missouri 13-3 +8
11 Alabama 15-5 -1
12 Oklahoma 12-5 -3
13 Texas 11-5 -7
14 West Virginia 13-5 +3
15 Iowa 13-6 -7
16 Tennessee 13-4 -5
17 Florida State 10-3 +3
18 Virginia Tech 14-4 -2
19 Creighton 14-5 -4
20 USC 15-3 NR
21 Wisconsin 14-6 -2
22 Loyola 18-3 NR
23 Oklahoma State 12-5 NR
24 Purdue 13-7 -
25 Rutgers 11-6 NR