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Tracking the latest free agency rumors for Anthony Harris

After playing under a franchise tag in 2020, it looks like Harris will most likely be moving onto another team this offseason who can afford his salary.

Minnesota Vikings free safety Anthony Harris (41) is unable to make an interception against the Detroit Lions during the first quarter at Ford Field.  Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason is moving along and free agency is the next big thing. Teams can’t contact free agents until March 15th, but news of the top players will circulate as we close in on that starting point. Dak Prescott, Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson, and Kenny Golladay are just a few of the big names set to hit unrestricted free agency when the new league year opens on March 17th. One or more stands a good chance of signing a contract with their current team or being franchise tagged before then, but there is a chance one or more is taking calls when the tampering period opens on March 15th.

Here we will break down all the news around Minnesota Vikings free safety Anthony Harris and his potential run through free agency.

2020 in review

Harris spent his 2020 season on an $11.4 million franchise tag with the Vikings after coming off a pretty impressive year in 2019. By his stats alone, he didn’t fare as well in 2020 especially given his franchise tag. With the Vikings switching from a Cover 4 to a Cover 2 defense this past season, Harris didn’t get to see as much of the spotlight as he did in the previous year. While logging six interceptions in 2019, he didn’t grab a single one in 2020 due to the nature of the safety’s role in their new defense. That doesn’t mean he had a bad year per se, but it certainly doesn’t look as pretty on paper.

Possible destinations

Aside from working out a deal with Minnesota, it’s likely Anthony Harris could end up with a different team, and really anyone in the league could benefit from a top-talent safety. The Cleveland Browns have an opening at safety and former Vikings offensive coordinator — now Cleveland’s head coach — Kevin Stefanski could make a play for the 29-year-old, especially since they’re projected to have over $20 million in cap space and could likely afford his salary. The Colts, Jaguars, and Cowboys could all use a new safety as well and could be suitable destinations for Harris.

Do the Vikings want to keep him?

Of course Minnesota wouldn’t turn down a chance to keep a high-caliber safety like Harris, but with a high price tag along with the Vikings bumping up against their salary cap, it might be a little tricky. Due to his slightly decreased performance in 2020, there’s a chance they could renegotiate with him at a lower salary, but only time will tell if that’ll be the case or if Harris will take his talents elsewhere.

Fantasy implications

Harris will be a boost to any defense wherever he may end up, which will make it worth keeping an eye on his offseason moves ahead of next year’s fantasy season.

Rumored interest