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Top four teams hold in latest AP Poll

Ohio State wasn’t penalized for their loss at home to Michigan on Sunday, proving the voters did indeed watch the game.

Ohio State Buckeyes guard Duane Washington Jr. is defended by Michigan Wolverines guard Eli Brooks and forward Isaiah Livers during the second half at Value City Arena. Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Associated Press college basketball poll voters felt the same way as most college basketball viewers on Sunday, keeping the top four teams in the same order despite Ohio State’s 92-87 home loss to Michigan on Sunday afternoon.

Ohio State scored 1.30 points per possession on the seventh-ranked adjusted defense in college basketball at home... yet still lost. The game made it look like there’s a clear tier of Big Ten teams below Gonzaga and Baylor at the top of college basketball, and it’s two old rivals.

But don’t count out No. 5 Illinois yet: They’ll finish the Big Ten regular season with four out of five league games on the road, including Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio State. And keep an eye on No. 9 Iowa, who has won four straight, and still have to play Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin in their last four games.

On the other end, Houston dropped six spots for their unexpected 68-63 loss to Wichita State in The Roundhouse. They recovered with a 90-52 mollywhopping of Cincinnati, but with the American Conference lacking much NET power behind them, they’ll struggle to recover their projected No. 2 seed.

The other off-a-cliff was Virginia, who dropped a pair on the road to Florida State and Duke. FSU is going to happen, as the Seminoles are really good... but Top 25 teams can’t be losing games to also-rans such as the Duke (checks Google) Bluedevils. Or is it BlueDevils? We’re not sure. Didn’t they beat Central Florida in the tournament a couple years ago or something?

Here is the complete AP College Basketball Poll for February 22nd, Week 14 of the season.

AP Poll Week 14

Ranking Team Record Previous Week
Ranking Team Record Previous Week
1 Gonzaga 22-0 1
2 Baylor 17-0 2
3 Michigan 16-1 3
4 Ohio State 18-5 4
5 Illinois 16-5 5
6 Alabama 18-5 8
7 Oklahoma 14-5 9
8 Villanova 14-3 10
9 Iowa 17-6 11
10 West Virginia 15-6 13
11 Florida State 13-3 16
12 Houston 18-3 6
13 Creighton 16-5 14
14 Texas 13-6 12
15 Virginia 15-5 7
16 Virginia Tech 14-4 18
17 Kansas 17-7 23
18 Texas Tech 14-7 15
19 USC 18-4 17
20 Arkansas 17-5 24
21 Loyola Chicago 19-4 22
22 San Diego State 17-4 25
23 Wisconsin 16-8 21
24 Missouri 14-6 20
25 Tennessee 15-6 19