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Kenny Pickett’s fake slide gets all the yards and six points

What a play by the super-duper senior!

Pittsburgh Panthers quarterback Kenny Pickett runs for a touchdown as Wake Forest Demon Deacons defensive back Ja’Sir Taylor defend sin the first quarter of the ACC championship game at Bank of America Stadium. Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Check out the wheels and smarts on Heisman Trophy candidate Kenny Pickett!

The 47th-year senior with five doctorate degrees put the okie doke on one of the worst defenses in the ACC, and they let him take it to the paint. You do not want to be the back seven defenders from Wake Forest watching this on film tomorrow.

Pickett has been a revelation this year in getting the Panthers to the ACC Championship Game, and it’s been wonderful to watch him be a part of a Pitt team that has exceeded all expectations in 2021. But who knew he had this kind of athleticism!

Right now it’s 7-7 14-7 in Charlotte with 9:37 remaining in the first quarter, and with the over/under set at 74.5, we might see that before halftime at this rate.

If you like points, fun, and two teams playing for the first non-Clemson ACC title in seven years, get thee to ABC.