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College Football Playoff semifinal predictions with Shaun King and Steven Bench

The former Tulane and Super Bowl winning quarterback, and a recent Penn State and South Florida signal caller, make their picks for the Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl

Shaun King as quarterback of the Tulane Green Wave in 1998.

We got a fun one here. Former Tulane signal caller Shaun King, starting quarterback for the 12-0 Green Wave in his senior season of 1998, went on to have a six-year NFL career and won a Super Bowl ring as a member of the 2001 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his hometown.

Now he’s a host at VSIN Radio in Las Vegas five days a week, and his insights on football are terrific.

We also bring in Steven Bench, a former four-star recruit that went to Penn State and then transferred to South Florida. If you want to understand the modern football game and how to watch these new-fangled run-pass option concepts, this guy is as much of an authority as anyone.

Both guys are here to make their picks straight up and against the spread, ahead of the Cotton and Orange Bowls on Friday. These are two of the sharpest college football minds we know, and picking their brain ahead of the game isn’t a terrible idea.

We also get into the quarterbacks they think will be the stars of the 2022 NFL Draft, and how Shaun would recruit Steve if he was still a college coach. If you can get either of these guys talking football, you’ll see two of the brightest bulbs in the shed.