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Every episode of the Greg Peterson Coast to Coast Hoops Podcast and how to listen & download

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Greg Peterson, Coast to Coast Hoops podcast host

The Coast to Coast Hoops podcast features Greg Peterson, a college basketball savant who handicaps every single game on the college basketball menu on a daily basis.

That’s right. Greg makes lines and predictions every single college basketball game on the schedule every single day.

That’s why he has earned the nickname “Hoops” while working as a host and contributor at VSiN, The Sports Betting Network.

Greg brings his unique “Rain Man” delivery and analytics-based viewpoint to the podcast, which is posted overnight once the betting lines are posted. He also interviews college basketball betting experts on his show.

And when March Madness comes around, Greg is your go-to bracketologist for the NCAA basketball tournament.

Greg hosts a weekend show for VSiN, the aptly named Greg Peterson Experience and makes daily college basketball predictions for the New York Post.

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