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Japanese high school soccer team uses ‘Ring-a-round the rosie’ set piece to score on free kick

You have to get creative in soccer!

Scoring in soccer can be incredibly difficult, so a little creativity is sometimes necessary. on Wednesday in Japan, Takagawa Gakuen High School took this creativity to new heights. They were facing Seiryo High School in the All Japan High School tournament and implemented a “Ring-a-round the rosie” set piece on a free kick! They were able to get a player down near the goal and he headed in the free kick for the goal. Takagawa Gakuen went on to win the match 4-2.

In the tweet, Dave Phillips describes it as “Ring-a-Ring o Roses.” That is the original name for the song that has become a childhood favorite. It was adapted to “Ring-a-round the rosie” in America.

And I totally agree with Danny that we’ll see this in Ted Lasso next season!