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Brian Kelly attempts a Southern accent at LSU basketball game, Cajuns worldwide offended

You might not want to fall into the accent until you’ve at least been to a crawfish boil, Coach.

LSU Tigers football head coach Brian Kelly speaks to the fans at halftime between the LSU Tigers and the Ohio Bobcats at Pete Maravich Assembly Center. Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Kelly decided to introduce himself to the fans at the Pete Maravich Center on Thursday night during LSU’s home game against the Ohio Bobcats. And while Will Wade’s team was a 66-51 winner, maybe the real loser is the new head football coach of the Bayou Bengals.

Oh boy, it did not go well.

The “I’m here with muh famileee” at the :18 mark of the video couldn’t be more patronizing if it came from Kenny Bania. A guy eats one po’ boy sandwich and all of a sudden he thinks he’s grown up on an airboat? Are you kidding me?

If you’re not from or haven’t been to the bayou before, it’s an area of the country is filled with people that have a deep and proud history, with much of the area’s accent based in French. Listen to StaleKracker on TikTok if you want to hear what it really sounds like.

The stories about what — ahem — kind of jerk Brian Kelly is have come out in droves after his abandoning of a team that’s got a chance to still win a national championship this season. But this seems a bit beyond the pale.

An inauspicious start for a team where the recruiting base is almost all in-state. LSU better hope the incoming players look at this a bit more kindly.