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Deron Williams vs. Frank Gore full fight video highlights, results: It wasn’t pretty, but Williams wins entertaining boxing brawl

Deron Williams and Frank Gore certainly put on a fight. It was more wrestling than boxing, but it was fun nonetheless.

Former NBA star Deron Williams won a split decision over former NFL star Frank Gore on Saturday evening. He took scores of 38-37 and 40-35 while one judge scored it 38-37 for Gore. There appears to have been a knockdown awarded to Williams, but it would seem to have come from a shove and been ruled as such.

Of course, it was an exhibition bout so all bets were off — literally and metaphorically. And considering it was part of the Paul-Woodley 2 undercard, it was a fitting “boxing match.” I don’t know if it’s really reasonable to call this a boxing match, and instead was more a wrestling match. There were some solid punches, but a whole lot of pushing and shoving.

If you are going to watch any two videos from this fight, these two probably offer the most succinct view of the fight.

This was not a pretty fight, but it was entertaining. If you’re a fan of the sweet science and pay close attention, you might have been moderately offended by the fight. If you just like an entertaining night of combat sports, this was a nice one-off event. I have zero interest in watching Williams or Gore fight again, but for one night, it was a fun little experiment. And it would seem Williams agreed.

And if you want to see the official result, here you go.