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How much will the winner of the 2021 PNC Championship win

We take a look at the purse and winners share for 2021 PNC Championship in Orlando, Florida. What can Tiger Woods and his son Charlie bring home?

Tiger Woods looks on as Charlie Woods putts during the Pro-Am ahead of the PNC Championship on the Grande Lakes Orlando course at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club on December 17, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Final results: John Daly and his son John II won the PNC Championship and did so in record fashion. Father and son combined to shoot a -27 for the tournament, breaking the record by one stroke. They finished two shots. upon Tiger Woods and his son Charlie. Justin Thomas and his dad Mike and Stewart Cink and his son Reagan tied for third at -24.

While most “hit and giggle” events for pro golfers don’t usually draw a massive set of eyeballs from even the casual sporting public, the 2021 PNC Championship might be the exception.

Tiger Woods returns to lightly-competitive golf with his son Charlie, as the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando plays host to the 20-team event. This non-official money event is for major winners or Players Championship winners only, and this year that also includes Olympic gold medalist and 2021 Women’s PGA Championship winner Nelly Korda. And in this case Korda’s father Petr is also a major winner: He took home the 1995 Australian Open in men’s tennis.

The tournament has a $1.085 million purse, with the first place team splitting a cool $200,000. The payout provides $40,000 to the last finisher on Sunday, which isn’t bad considering you get to spend the weekend at a fancy resort in Orlando playing golf with someone you love. There are worse ways to get ready for the holidays.

As to how taking home $100k would affect the amateur status of 12-year-old Charlie Woods, we bet probably not well. Let’s just make the check out to Tiger, and he can pick up the tab for a a nice condo and car wherever his son chooses to play college golf. Stanford, perhaps?

Here’s the current list of estimated payouts for the field at the PNC Championship according to Golf News Net.

  • 1. $200,000
  • 2. $80,000
  • 3. $57,250
  • 4. $50,000
  • 5. $49,000
  • 6. $48,000
  • 7. $47,000
  • 8. $46,000
  • 9. $45,000
  • 10. $44,500
  • 11. $44,000
  • 12. $43,500
  • 13. $43,000
  • 14. $42,500
  • 15. $42,000
  • 16. $41,500
  • 17. $41,000
  • 18. $40,500
  • 19. $40,250
  • 20. $40,000