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How many 3-pointers does Stephen Curry need to break all-time record?

Has the Warriors PG made history on Tuesday night against the New York Knicks? We take a look at Curry’s quest.

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Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is close to being the league’s all-time leader in made three-pointers. He’ll surpass longtime sharpshooter Ray Allen, who made 2,973 triples in his illustrious career. On Tuesday night against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, Curry broke the record with his second 3-pointer early in the first quarter. Check out history below.

Warriors vs. Knicks updates

Take a look at Curry after breaking the record, giving the ball to his dad, Dell Curry.

RECORD UPDATE — CURRY HAS DONE IT ON A LONG THREE at 7:28 of the first quarter against the Knicks on Tuesday! He passes Ray Allen! Take a look at history!

First quarter update — THERE’S ONE! Curry has tied Ray Allen’s record early in the first quarter. Curry is going to be chucking, it’s going to happen soon!

Pre-game update — Ray Allen is in the house at MSG for Steph’s big night. Remember, he’s only two 3-pointers away from breaking the record. We’ll let you know when that happens. There are a few DK promotions centered around the record on DraftKings you can find here. Steph to break the record in the first quarter is -110, which feels like a pretty safe bet. He’s not going to want this thing to linger, Curry will come out firing and his teammates will likely let him until the deed it done.

My favorite prop is Curry first FG at +450. Got to imagine he’s going to have the ball immediately and keep shooting until he breaks the record. Curry at O5.5 3-pointers made is +100. There’s some value if he gets enough run and the game is close. It’s MSG. It’s Steph. He’s gonna break the record early but after that this could be a game. If that’s the case, Curry will probably put on a show.

Warriors vs. Pacers updates

Here’s what Kerr had to say about Steph after the win on the record:

Final update — Curry is two 3-pointers away from setting the record and will try to do so on Tuesday night vs. the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Curry finished the 102-100 win over the Pacers with 26 points on 5-of-15 shooting from outside.

Fourth quarter — Curry was cold for most of the fourth quarter but now the game is tied 100-100 with under a minute left and Curry has hit five 3-pointers, just two away from the record. This also could go to OT and Steph would have a shot at a game-winner to set the record. OHHHHHH BOY.

Third quarter — STEPH IS CATCHING FIRE! We’re through three quarters and the score is 84-80 Pacers while Curry is only three away from the record with 21 points on the night so far. Steph has already played 28 minutes and should play most of the fourth quarter. He’s gotta want it tonight to get it out of the way, plus this game is winnable on the road, which is most important.

Third quarter — Curry has hit another three and is only four away from the record with plenty of time left in the second half.

Second quarter — And then there were five left. Curry has another trey and is five away from the record as we’re at halftime against the Pacers. The Dubs trail 55-47 at halftime, so not a huge lead. Usually Golden State comes alive in the third quarter anyway, so the third would be the time for Curry to go for it.

The answer as of now is six 3-pointers. Curry has made one so far tonight as we approach the mid-way point of the second. He could make this thing interesting in the second half.

First quarter — Curry went without a 3-pointer in the quarter and still needs seven to break the record. Steph goes to the bench with 3 points and a block in 7 minutes in the quarter.

Curry will likely accomplish this feat this week. He is reportedly set to rest Monday against the Pacers, but does plan on playing Tuesday against the Knicks. If Curry doesn’t set the record at Madison Square Garden Tuesday, he’ll have his next opportunity against the Celtics on Friday, December 17.

The Warriors star has changed the league with his elite marksmanship. Curry will set this record with a higher three-point percentage than Allen on significantly fewer attempts. Given he’s only 33 and looks like he can keep this level of play up for a few more seasons, there’s a chance Curry sets an insane mark by the time he calls it a career. Since shooting doesn’t tend to fade even with age, Curry’s later years could still be productive even if he isn’t as athletic as he once was.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, Curry is +120 to win NBA MVP. He leads the league in three-point makes this season.