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Is there any way Jamaal Williams can play in Week 14 vs. Broncos?

We take a look at whether or not Lions RB Jamaal Williams, who was placed on the COVID-19/reserve list has a chance to play in Week 14 against the Broncos.

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The Detroit Lions look as though they’ll be especially thin on offense (even thinner than usual, I mean) this week with the latest news that RB Jamaal Williams has been placed on the COVID-19/reserve list on Friday.

Lead RB D’Andre Swift has been ruled out this week against the Broncos after suffering a shoulder injury on Thanksgiving. TJ Hockenson, the team’s leading receiver, has been dealing with a hand injury and is also unlikely to play, making Williams’ potential absence a brutal hit as they come off a big win against the Vikings.

Is it possible for Jamaal Williams to play in Week 14 vs. Broncos?

The vaccination status for Jamaal Williams is unknown at this time, but if he is vaccinated, the only way to be placed on the COVID list is with a positive test. The timing of his placement on the COVID list so close to Sunday means he’ll be out. He would need two negative COVID tests with at least 24 hours between the first and second negative test in order to play, meaning there’s just not enough time.

If he has not received the COVID-19 vaccine and is confirmed to have tested positive, Williams will be required to quarantine for at least a 10-day period. He’ll be able to return after that 10-day period if asymptomatic. In that situation, he’d miss Week 14 and Week 15, eligible to return for Week 16 against the Falcons. If he’s been placed on the COVID list due to close contact, he’ll be quarantined for a five-day period but would be eligible to return in Week 15 if his tests remain negative.