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Discussing the Notre Dame coaching situation with Douglas Farmer of NBC Sports

The beat writer for the Fighting Irish breaks down what’s happening in South Bend, who the next coach might be, and more

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Defensive Coordinator Marcus Freeman signals to his players in the second quarter against the Cincinnati Bearcats at Notre Dame Stadium. Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

With all the chaos happening involving the Notre Dame Fighting Irish over the last 72 hours, we went right to the source on what’s happening on the ground in South Bend.

Douglas Farmer just finished his fifth regular season covering ND for NBC Sports, and has been around the program for even longer. We get into the fallout from South Bend regarding Brian Kelly’s unexpected leaving for LSU, and how players, coaches, and recruits are reacting to being abandoned with a chance to play for a national championship still possible.

We also talk who the new new head coach will be, what the Irish will be looking for in a leader, and the third rail of all discussions involving Notre Dame football the last 30 years: Should the Irish join a conference to improve their chances of winning a national championship?

It’s a great discussion with one of the most plugged in people covering Notre Dame, and a pretty sharp guy when it comes to selecting college football teams against the number as well. Follow him @D_Farmer on Twitter, and enjoy!