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Watch Ohio State, Michigan football players get into a fight in the shared tunnel during The Game

The Big House requires the opposing team go through a shared tunnel to get to the field. Once again, it resulted in shenanigans.

In the least surprising development of the day, Ohio State and Michigan football players got into a bit of a ruckus as they came out of the shared tunnel at The Big House. The game is a close one and tensions are likely pretty high coming out of halftime. The refs got in the middle and broke it up before things got out of hand.

This is not the first time these two teams have gotten into it coming out to the field, and as long as The Big House exists, it won’t be the last. Michigan leads Ohio State 14-13 heading into the start of the third quarter.

Michigan’s infamous stadium tunnel is the only entrance and egress from the field at The Big House, and it’s located on the visiting team’s sideline. It makes for a chaotic traffic stop for teams, bands, and everyone else on several fall Saturday’s each year, and in this case it overflowed once again in camera shot during the biggest game of the year.

We’ll see how it carries over to the second half. Right now the Wolverines lead 21-13 after a Hassan Haskins TD run on the opening drive after this fracas.