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Chargers vs. Raiders matchup in a weather delay until 8:55 ET for MNF Week 4

We’re in a weather delay as the Chargers host the Raiders on MNF

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: We have official word now that the game will start at 8:55 ET.

For those wondering, SoFi Stadium is open at the sides, as seen in this photo:

The Los Angeles Chargers versus the Las Vegas Raiders Monday Night Football game is delayed due to thunder and lightning in the area. This comes as a surprise to many, as SoFi Stadium is covered. Unfortunately it isn’t an actual dome and, as ESPN’s Kevin Seifert puts it, SoFi is just an “expensive carport.”

This game will happen of course, but we’ll need the lightning to go away and read through all the tweets joking about a weather delay in a dome first.

The Raiders come into this game atop the AFC West at 3-0 while the Chargers sit in second at 2-1. It’s still early in a 17 game season, but with the Kansas City Chiefs off to a slow start, this is a good chance for these two division rivals to get a step up on the back-to-back AFC champions.

The Raiders come into this game as three-point underdogs despite their undefeated status, while the Chargers are coming off a big win over the Chiefs.