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What do the Blue Jays have to do to clinch a playoff berth on Sunday?

Toronto needs a bit of help to get into the AL wild card but there is a chance of ties in the playoff race. Let’s break it down.

Bo Bichette #11 of the Toronto Blue Jays celebrates after hitting a home run in the fifth inning during a MLB game against the Baltimore Orioles at Rogers Centre on October 2, 2021 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The Toronto Blue Jays are fighting to get into the 2021 playoffs through the AL Wild Card, which is a four-team race heading into the final day of the regular season. The Jays haven’t put themselves in a great spot to clinch, but should be able to take care of business vs. the last-place Baltimore Orioles on Sunday.

The Jays easiest path to getting in, is well, not that easy. The Jays can get into a few tiebreakers if they win and the New York Yankees and/or Boston Red Sox lose on Sunday. The Yanks face the Tampa Bay Rays and the Sox face the Washington Nationals. There are a few scenarios in which the Blue Jays have to play a one-game playoff before the one-game playoff to see who gets in.

Toronto can also get into a 3-way tie with the Yanks and Red Sox as well as a 4-way tie with those two teams along with the Seattle Mariners, who are tied with the Jays in the standings right now. Both teams are 1.0 game back of the Yankees and Red Sox, who are tied in playoff position.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan has a useful chart to track all the possible outcomes: