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Michigan band trolls Ohio State with halftime beer pong skit [Video]

The Michigan band decided to jab the Buckeyes 35 days before “The Game”.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Fans of Michigan and Ohio State will have to wait until November 27 to see these two hated enemies renew their annual rivalry in Ann Arbor. In the meantime, the UM band is having a little bit of fun just 35 days out.

At halftime of Saturday’s game against Northwestern, the Michigan Marching Band decided to troll the Buckeyes with an elaborate rendition of everyone’s favorite (or hated) college drinking game of beer pong. Does none of that previous sentence make any sense to you? Well, just watch.

Round of applause to whoever in the band program came up with this concept and bigger round of applause to the parties who managed to put this together.

This isn’t without precedence, as both Michigan and Ohio State’s bands have been known to troll each other in games having nothing to do with the other warring party. Here’s the OSU band trolling Michigan during their 2019 game against Penn State.

College football, where pettiness reigns supreme.