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Is Evan Holyfield related to Evander Holyfield? Is he any good as a boxer?

The son of The Real Deal is fighting his eighth career bout and doing it in front of his hometown fans.

Evander Holyfield shakes hands with his son Evan Holyfield in the locker room after he defeats Travis Nero during a boxing match at Hard Rock Hotel Daytona on February 8, 2020 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Jamel Herring and Shakur Stevenson are facing off on Saturday night in Atlanta, Georgia to fight for Herring’s WBO junior lightweight title. It’s a high profile bout but comes with a less than stellar undercard. We could end up with some good fights on the card, but from a distance, it’s hard to get too excited.

There is a little bit of name-brand recognition however that will get some cheers in Atlanta. Evan Holyfield is fighting Charles Stanford in a six-round junior middleweight bout. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Evan is the son of Hall of Famer Evander Holyfield.

Evan made his debut two years ago, defeating Nick Winstead on the undercard of Canelo Álvarez’s light heavyweight title win over Sergey Kovalev. Holyfield won via first-round TKO a mere 16 seconds into the fight. You can watch it below and see that the decision to end the fight was a bad one. Holyfield was all over Winstead in the fight and sent him down in a hurry, but it seemed like Winstead was getting back up pretty quickly. I don’t know if the fight would have lasted a whole lot longer, but it seemed like he deserved a chance to keep going.

If you were annoyed that Holyfield got to debut on a high profile card, fear not. Holyfield has since shown he is willing to fight on the ballroom circuit to establish himself. It remains to be seen if he’ll fight anything more than your average tomato can, but it’s still early.

Below is his most recent fight, a third-round TKO of Agustin Cicero. If you head to the 2:36:15, you can watch the fight. Cicero came into the fight with a record of 14-19-3, so he’s just another of the proverbial tomato cans.

This weekend, Holyfield is fighting Charles Stanford who is 6-3. Stanford has a more extensive career in MMA, where he is 8-11 over a six-year career.