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Colorado State does perhaps the dumbest football thing you’ll ever see to lose to Utah State [VIDEO]

You have to watch this idiocy. Fortunately, we have video!

Colorado State Rams head coach Steve Addazio reacts in the fourth quarter against the San Diego State Aztecs at Dignity Health Sports Park. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Update 8:58 a.m. ET We forgot about this moment of Addazio melting down during his term at Boston College just six years ago. What a way to lose a game 3-0.

Update 1:41 a.m. ET Riiiiiight.

The Colorado State Rams had the chance for a field goal to win vs. Utah State Aggies on Friday night, but chose to make it as difficult and rushed as possible as the entire sideline had a massive, collective DERP to blow a key Mountain West Conference game.

After forcing Utah State to punt with 44 seconds left and the Rams trailing 26-24, a great throw from Todd Centeio to Ty McCullough put CSU at the Aggies 24-yard line with 11 seconds left. The clock stops on a first down in college, so all the Rams need to do have to do is line up, snap it, and spike the ball. Then you can put the field goal unit on the field, or perhaps even run another play and try to get closer!

Instead ... OMG ...

That is a catastrophic failure of organization, leadership, preparation, and everything else coaches talk about in every meeting, clinic, and practice 365 days a year. Who is telling the kicker to run onto the field? Who is getting receivers off? And how are these people state employees in Colorado like with a pension and quality benefits? Have they not watched a football game before??

While you comprehend the malfeasance above, at least the game closed Colorado State -3 at DraftKings Sportsbook, so spread bettors that had backed Rams head coach Steve Addazio weren’t unjustly harmed. But if you had Colorado State on the moneyline, our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.