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It’s not going well for Wisconsin, but fan still thinks Badgers are Number One

We’ve got a fan expressing true dissatisfaction with the program caught live on camera.

It’s not going well for the Wisconsin Badgers against the Michigan Wolverines today.

When you’re down 10-3 in Madison in the first half and already have a turnover...

It’s been the full Graham Mertz experience so far for the Badgers, as the much-maligned QB has looked pretty mediocre in a 6-12 for 61 yards performance. Right now in a battle of battle of bad offense Wisconsin is averaging 2.9 yards per play, but the good news is Michigan is getting a mere 3.8 themselves.

If you’re an under 43.5 bettor, which is where this game closed at DraftKings Sportsbook, you probably feel pretty good right now. And let’s give credit to the Big Noon Saturday crew at Fox for cutting away as quickly as possible. Those live shots in the crowd can always be dicey.

Will Cade McNamara and Graham Mertz get it together in the second half? We’ll find out soon enough.