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Emory Jones hits Justin Shorter on Hail Mary to end half of Florida vs. LSU

A prayer was answered in Death Valley thanks to some terrible secondary work by the Tigers

NCAA Football: Florida at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 20 Florida Gators came out completely flat in the first half of Saturday’s game at LSU. Well, that was until quarterback Emory Jones decided to heave up a last-second Hail Mary to receiver Justin Shorter to bring the Gators within one score heading into the locker room.

It wasn’t like LSU didn’t see this coming. They had two safeties lined all the way back to the end zone for the specific purpose of preventing this! But that, of course, didn’t matter. Tiger head coach Ed Orgeron’s challenge of the catch came up unsuccessful and now they’re clinging onto a 21-13 lead at the half.

The vultures are circling around Baton Rouge with Coach O’s tenure at LSU seemingly coming closer and closer to an end. Last week’s loss at Kentucky probably already sealed his fate, but a home loss to Florida here may have him shown the door before the weekend is over.

These LSU-Florida games tend to get weird, so buckle in for the second half folks.