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2021 NFL Draft order coming out of Week 17

The 2020 NFL regular season is wrapping up, which means we are finding out the order of the first 18 picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. We break it down as Week 17 wraps.

Jacksonville Jaguars center Brandon Linder (65) waits to snap the ball during the fourth quarter against the New York Jets at TIAA Bank Field. Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 NFL regular season is officially coming to a close. It’s Week 17 Sunday and we’re getting through the first half of the schedule. By the close of Sunday, we’ll know what the first 18 picks look like in the 2021 NFL Draft order.

The Jaguars secured the No. 1 pick last week with their loss and the Jets win. Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence is likely to be the No. 1 pick, but expect the discussion to grow around Ohio State QB Justin Fields and BYU QB Zach Wilson as we head into the spring.

Coming into Week 17, the No. 1 and No. 2 picks were locked in, but everything else was up for grabs. With the 1 p.m. games a wrap, things are slowly settling in. For example, we know the Falcons will have a top four pick, but could move as high as No. 3 if the Texans beat the Titans this afternoon.

Here’s the draft order for the top 18 teams, which includes all teams not making the playoffs. SOS serves as the first tiebreaker and comes via Tankathon. You can review the full tiebreaker procedure here.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-15, .549
  2. New York Jets: 2-14, .594
  3. Miami Dolphins — from Houston Texans: 4-12, .541
  4. Atlanta Falcons: 4-12, .551
  5. Cincinnati Bengals: 4-11-1, .529
  6. Philadelphia Eagles: 4-11-1, .537
  7. Detroit Lions: 5-11, .508
  8. Carolina Panthers: 5-11, .531
  9. Denver Broncos: 5-11, .566
  10. Dallas Cowboys: 6-10, .471
  11. New York Giants: 6-10, .502
  12. San Francisco 49ers: 6-10, .549
  13. Los Angeles Chargers: 7-9, .482
  14. Minnesota Vikings: 7-9, .504
  15. New England Patriots: 7-9, .527
  16. Arizona Cardinals: 8-8, .475
  17. Las Vegas Raiders: 8-8, .539
  18. Miami Dolphins: 10-6, .467