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Breaking down NFL weather for Chiefs vs. Bucs, and what it means for fantasy and betting for Super Bowl LV

The weather report can impact fantasy football and betting. We break down the important information you need to prepare for Chiefs vs. Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55.

A general view of the game in the second quarter between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on November 29, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Sunday gameday update: It appears we’ll get perfect weather for Super Bowl 55. The National Weather Service has a high of 73 this afternoon. The low this evening is 58, but that won’t arrive until late in the fourth quarter at the earliest. Winds will be in the 5 to 8 mph range and there is no real chance of rain in the forecast. The weather should be just about perfect.

Saturday update: Now that we’re a day away from the big game, the forecast is stabilizing a bit and we should avoid any really bad weather. Rain and thunderstorms should taper off by kickoff, but there will still be a slight chance of lingering showers.

But all indications are that there will be no precipitation, temperatures in the mid-60s with wind around 6mph. The weather shouldn’t be a factor.

Wednesday update: The cold front is no longer, but rain and wind gusts have increased in likelihood. The good news at this point is that the worst of the wind and rain should be tapering off by kickoff.

As of today, the temperature should be in the high 60s, chance of rain at 40% and wind dying down around 10 mph in the evening.

Monday update: Weather models are starting to show that a cold front could get through Tampa before the big game, per meteorologist Paul Dellgatto. That front could bring game time temperatures down to the 50s and increase chances for wind depending on the timing of the front. We’ll need to get a bit closer to game time to get a better handle on the situation, but this would be a significant front for the area.

Tampa, Florida has been the host of four Super Bowls since 1984. The warm weather in late January and early February has made it a perfect destination for the big game. The weather for those games has been mostly perfect, as temperatures have ranged from 65 to 71 degrees with winds mostly calm. In 1984, as the Raiders stomped Washington 38-9, there were some wind gusts into the 20s.

This time around, we’ll see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Kansas City Chiefs in the first true Super Bowl home game. Right now, it appears the teams shouldn’t have too many weather concerns, as the current forecast for Tampa on game day is mostly good.

Super Bowl LV, Raymond James Stadium, February 7th, kickoff 6:30 pm EST

Temperature: 74
Precipitation: 30%
Wind: N/A

We’re still too far out to predict wind with any certainty, and the precipitation forecast will likely fluctuate between now and then. But, the good news is that the type of rain we would find in Tampa this time of year isn’t likely to be a three hour downpour with wind gusts over 20 mph. The weather patterns just aren’t that volatile in the area at this time of year.

It will be worth keeping an eye on the forecast, as winds will likely be the most concerning weather aspect for this game if they pop up and gusts reach above the 20s.

Helpful weather resources include National Weather Service and Dark Sky, among others.

Check back before kickoff for updates on the weather situation.