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Quarterback rankings for Championship Round fantasy football

We take you through some of the best quarterbacks going in the Championship Round.

Brady or Rodgers? Who to start at QB this weekend

And only four remain! We are down to an elite list of quarterbacks, as the young guns in the AFC Championship, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes face off and the old soon to be first ballot Hall of Famers, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers take each other on in the NFC Championship.

Rodgers led the way in fantasy points in the Divisional Round despite playing a tough Rams defense while Mahomes was on pace to best him, but ended up missing a big chunk of the game to a concussion. Allen played well, but didn’t put up big numbers against a good Ravens defense while Brady didn’t pass for big numbers, but threw for a couple touchdowns and rushed for another against a strong Saints defense he’s had trouble against this season.

Ranking these four stud quarterbacks isn’t easy, as all four have the team and ability to put up big numbers at anytime. These teams faced each other back in Week 6, or early Championship Weekend. Comparing a Week 6 game to a Championship game isn’t fair, so we can’t draw a whole lot from those matchups, but none of these quarterbacks had strong fantasy days back then. Mahomes had the best fantasy day with 225 yards passing and two touchdown passes while Aaron Rodgers had his only truly bad game all season.

This time around, I expect all of these offenses to be more on point, as they all looked strong last week. The biggest question is of course Mahomes’ brain injury. If he can’t pass protocol, that game of course will look much different, but for the rankings, I am considering him a go until we hear otherwise.

Looking at the last half of the season, these four defenses rank as such against quarterbacks in fantasy points allowed: Chiefs 28th, Buccaneers 24th, Bills 13th, Packers 7th. If we went solely off that, we’d rank them Allen, Rodgers, Mahomes, then Brady. That looks perfectly acceptable. The only question is, can we rank Mahomes that low? I’d rather rank him second, as the Buccaneers pass defense has shown well at times and they did have Rodgers’ number earlier in the season.

Amazingly, every quarterback other than Allen rushed for a touchdown in the Divisional Round, but there’s no doubt that Allen was the biggest threat with his legs this season. That puts him at No. 1 for me this week.

Super Bowl Overall Rankings

Rk Name Position Team
Rk Name Position Team
1 Patrick Mahomes II QB KC
2 Tom Brady QB TB
3 Travis Kelce TE KC
4 Tyreek Hill WR KC
5 Chris Godwin WR TB
6 Leonard Fournette RB TB
7 Mike Evans WR TB
8 Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB KC
9 Darrel Williams RB KC
10 Ronald Jones II RB TB
11 Antonio Brown WR TB
12 Sammy Watkins WR KC
13 Mecole Hardman WR KC
14 Cameron Brate TE TB
15 Rob Gronkowski TE TB
16 Demarcus Robinson WR KC
17 Scotty Miller WR TB
18 Tyler Johnson WR TB
19 Le'Veon Bell RB KC
20 Byron Pringle WR KC
21 Anthony Sherman RB KC