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Nickelodeon airs hot mic f-bomb during Bears-Saints playoff game

This might be a first for Nickelodeon.

The NFL has always had issues with hot mics picking up curse words, and we’ve seen it even more so during the 2020 season thanks to few or no fans in the stands. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more airing of swearing than in recent memory.

And now, Nickelodeon has had to deal with the hot mic. The Chicago Bears punted away to the New Orleans Saints and one of their special teamers ran out of bounds without being forced out. That results in a penalty, and a player appears to have been confused by the penalty. On the broadcast, we heard a very audible, “What the f^%*?!” come from what was likely a Bears player. It appears to be Cordarrelle Patterson, but it’s not entirely clear.

This might be the first f-bomb in the history of Nickelodeon. Children, earmuffs!