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Injury tracker for Week 4 of college football

We’ll attempt to keep track of the latest injuries, Covid cases, and anything else weird that happens to college football rosters today.

NCAA Football: Arkansas State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Following the injury tracker has never been more important than it is this season especially with COVID-19. Some coaches spread the news early in the week who will and will not be playing, and some will say nothing, forcing fans and bettors to wait till game time to find out. Especially with the rise in sports betting, it would be nice if injury reports in college were more like the NFL’s injury reports but that’s a topic for another day.

Before you decide to place any bets this weekend, make sure you’re doing one final scan of the injury report prior to locking in your bets. We’ve seen it happen a few times already this season where beat writers at the game notice a lack of depth out on the field during warmups and scrambled to get out the information on who is out there and who is not.

Here’s a compilation of what we could find scouring through Don Best’s college football injury report. Give it a quick run through as you decide to place your Saturday wagers.

Kansas State vs. Oklahoma

KSU: QB Skylar Thompson (undisclosed) is probable.
KSU: OL Noan Johnson (elbow) is questionable.

OU: RB Rhamondre Stevenson (elbow), DL Marcus Stripling (undisclosed), OL Anton Harrison (undisclosed), WR Obi Obialo (undisclosed), TE Brayden Willis (undisclosed), WR Drake Stoops (undisclosed), K Gabe Brkic (undisclosed), DE Ronnie Perkins (suspension) and RB T.J. Pledger (undisclosed) are all questionable.

Florida vs. Ole Miss

UF: DB Brad Stewart Jr. (undisclosed) is out undisclosed.

Kentucky vs. Auburn

UK: QB Joey Gatewood is doubtful (eligibility).
UK: QB Terry Wilson is probable (knee).

AU: LB O.C. Brothers (shoulder) and LB Romello Height (shoulder) are out indefinitely.
AU: LB Chandler Wooten (personal) and LB Josh Marsh (personal) are out for the season.
AU: RB D.J. Williams (undisclosed) is out indefinitely.

UCF vs. East Carolina

UCF: TE Jordan Davis (knee), DB Elijah Benoit (personal), DB Devunte Dawson (personal), DL Kendrick Wilson (DL) and RB Trillion Coles (Achilles) are out for the season.
UCF: RB Greg McCrae (foot) is probable.
UCF: OL Parker Boudreaux (concussion) and WR Tre Nixon (collarbone) are questionable.

ECU: OL Avery Jones (eligibility) is out for the season.

Georgia Southern vs. Louisiana

GSU: OL Alex Smith, S Austin Parker, NT C.J. Wright, WR Darion Anderson, S Darrell Baker, NT Gavin Adcock, CB Jaden Moreland, TE Jallah Zeze Jr., LB Jon Ferguson, QB Justin Tomlin, S Kendrick Duncan Jr., OL Lawrence Edwards, DE Quin Williams, DE Traver Vliem, FB Wesley Kennedy III, SB Mason Babay, SB Tony Dinkins-McCall, CB Jack Ferguson, WR Justin Harris, OL Gabriel Howard, CB Ephraim Kitchen Jr., QB Will Lovett Jr., OL Lawson Maxwell, Braylon Peterson, OL Teva Reynolds, TE Robb Bozeman, RB Gerald Green, TE Beau Johnson, OL Aaron Pyron, WR Emil Smith, NT Kierron Smith, CB David Spaulding and S Anthony Wilson are all questionable (undisclosed).

UL: WR Dontae Fleming (lower body) and TE Neal Johnson (disciplinary) are questionable.
UL: DL Sonny Hazard, LB Joe Dillon, DL Tayland Humphrey, QB Jai’ave Magalei, DB Asjilin Washinton, RB Elijah Mitchell and OL Max Mitchell are out (COVID-19).

Louisville vs. Pitt

LU: QB Jawan Pass (personal) is questionable.

Pitt: TE Jake Zilinskas and WR Taysir Mack are questionable (undisclosed).

Georgia Tech vs. Syracuse

GT: RB Jordan Mason (undisclosed) is out.
GT: OL Curtis Ryans, DB Tre Swilling, TE Dylan Deveney and Dylan Leonard are out (undisclosed).

Campbell vs. Appalachian State

ASU: WR Jacoby Pinckney (eligibility) is out for the season.

Florida International vs. Liberty

FIU: WR JJ Holloman (undisclosed) is questionable.

LU: CB Isaiah Avery, K Jason Stricker, S Tim Kidd-Glass and CB Jimmy Faulks are questionable (undisclosed).

Iowa State vs. TCU

Iowa State: G Trevor Downing (undisclosed), OL Robert Hudson (undisclosed) and TE Charlie Kolar (lower body) are questionable.

TCU: QB Max Duggan (heart) has been cleared to play but will not start.
TCU: QB Matthew Downing (undisclosed) has been named the starter.

Mississippi State vs. LSU

LSU: DT Nelson Jenkins III (personal) is out for the season.

Texas vs. Texas Tech

UT: WR Jake Smith (hamstring) is questionable.

TTU: RB SaRodorick Thompson (legal problems) is probable.

Army vs. Cincinnati

UC: WR Alec Pierce (knee) is out indefinitely.

West Virginia vs. Oklahoma State

OSU: QB Spencer Sanders (ankle) and OL Cole Birmingham (foot) are questionable.

WVU: LS J.P. Hadley, WR Isaiah Esdale, WR Zack Dobson, OL Tairiq Stewart, CB David Vincent-Okoli, OL Chase Behrndt, OL Junior Uzebu, TE Mike O’Laughlin, TE T.J. Banks, WR T.J. Simmons and OL Zach Davis are probable (suspension served).

UTEP vs. Louisiana Monroe

UTEP: DT Josh Ortega and RB Deion Hankins (undisclosed) are questionable.

Georgia vs. Arkansas

ARK: WR Jaquayln Crawford (eligibility) is out for the season.

UGA: QB JT Daniels (knee) is questionable.
UGA: TE Tre’ McKitty (knee) is doubtful.

Duke vs. Virginia

DUKE: CB Josh Blackwell (knee) and CB Mark Gilbert (foot) are out indefinitely.
DUKE: DT Derrick Tangelo (undisclosed) is questionable.

Texas State vs. Boston College

BC: WR Kobay White (knee) is out for the season.
BC: TE Danny Dalton, DB Connor Grieco, TE Joey Luchetti and Vinny DePalma are questionable (undisclosed).

Alabama vs. Missouri

MIZZ: WR C.J. Boone, G Jack Buford, DE Chris Daniels, WR Maurice Massey and T Thalen Robinson are out for the season (undisclosed).
MIZZ: TE Brendan Scales (redshirt) is out for the season.
MIZZ: WR Damon Hazelton (hamstring) is probable.

Vanderbilt vs. Texas A&M

VU: DB BJ Anderson, DB Brendon Harris and LB Michael Owusu are all out (undisclosed).
VU: LB Elijah McAllister (undisclosed) is out indefinitely.
VU: LB Feleti Afemui (personal) is out for the season.

TAMU: LB Anthony Hines III (personal) is out for the season.

Florida State vs. Miami

FSU: DE Dennis Briggs Jr. (left team) is out for the season.
FSU: DE Joshua Kaindoh (leg) is out indefinitely.
FSU: DB Jarvis Brownlee (undisclosed) is probable.
FSU: DB Meiko Dotson (undisclosed), OL Devontay Love-Taylor (lower body) and DB Hamsah Nasirildeen (knee) are questonable.
FSU: QB Chubba Purdy (shoulder) is out indefinitely.

MIA: TE Larry Hodges, WR Jeremiah Payton, P Matias Gasc and OL Issiah Walker Jr. are all questionable (undisclosed).
MIA: QB Tate Martell (personal) is out for the season.

Tennessee vs. South Carolina

USC: WR Jalen Brooks (eligibility) is out for the season.
USC: RB Zaquandre White (hamstring) is questionable.

UT: DB Carlin Fils-Aime (personal) is out for the season.
UT: RB Dee Beckwith (ankle) is out.
UT: RB Len’Neth Whitehead (foot) and TE Austin Pope (back) are out indefinitely.
UT: QB Brian Maurer (hamsring) is questionable.

Kansas vs. Baylor

KU: RB Pooka Williams (undisclosed) and QB Thomas MacVittie (shoulder) are probable.

NC State vs. Virginia Tech

NCSU: S Tanner Ingle and WR C.J. Riley are questionable (undisclosed).
NCSU: LB Louis Acceus (undisclosed) is out for the season.

VT: DB Devon Hunter (suspension) is out indefinitely.
VT: RB Terius Wheatley (hamstring) is questionable.

Troy vs. BYU

BYU: DE Uriah Leiataua (undisclosed) is out indefinitely.
BYU: LB Chaz Ah You and RB Hinckley Ropati are out for the season (undisclosed).
BYU: OL Tristen Hoge (COVID-19) is out for the season.