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What to do with John Brown, Cole Beasley in Week 1 fantasy football

Could Josh Allen’s breakout mean big things for Brown and Beasley?

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

No one appears to be caring too much about the AFC North divisional matchup between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, and maybe they should. The Jets have far from a fear-imposing secondary, and the Buffalo Bills have a plethora of weapons at wide receiver, especially after the acquisition of Stefon Diggs from the Minnesota Vikings.

But the addition of Diggs limits the upside of players like John Brown and Cole Beasley, who could have a harder go of things on Sunday.

Fantasy Football analysis: Bills WRs John Brown, Cole Beasley

Bills quarterback Josh Allen has a cannon for an arm, and you would think that the speed of John Brown would pair well with Allen in the Buffalo offense. Unfortunately, like a cannon, it’s hard to predict exactly where Allen’s passes will land, rendering John Brown’s ceiling inconsistent at best.

If Buffalo added more of a possession-type wide receiver like Diggs’s former teammate in Minnesota, Adam Thielen, I would feel better about Brown’s usage in Buffalo. But because Diggs is also a player who specializes more in deeper routes, there’s a clear limit to what Brown can do in this offense, even if opposing defenses hone in on Diggs.

Beasley, like in this article, is simply an afterthought in the Buffalo offense right now, and should be thought of nothing more than a potential bench or depth piece unless or until Josh Allen can show more consistency in the passing game.

Fantasy Start/Sit Recommendation

Sit both.