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Insanity needed to not cash in on DraftKings Sportsbook’s Chiefs-Texans odds boost

If you don’t think the Texans can win by triple-digits, this is the bet for you.

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs greets Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans prior to the AFC Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs at Arrowhead Stadium on January 12, 2020 in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

How would you like to start the 2020 NFL season with a bet you’re sure to win? You can do just that by taking advantage of an odds boost promotion on DraftKings Sportsbook is offering centered around Thursday’s Kansas City Chiefs-Houston Texans matchup.

There is a special point spread bet available for the Chiefs at +101, which means you win as long as Kansas City loses by less than 101 points. There is a limit on wagers, as the most you can bet is $50 dollars to win, but it’s effectively a chance for some free money.

It’s almost impossible to miss on this one. The largest win in NFL history came in 1940 when the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Football Team 73-0 in the NFL Championship Game. Houston traded DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals, because when you can trade one of the best receivers in the NFL for less than a first round pick, you gotta do it. The team will be tasked with keeping close against a Chiefs team that boasts one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL.

It would take a miracle for the Texans to cover the spread, but we’ll go over a few wild, but clearly plausible scenarios that could tip the scales in their favor below.

The Chiefs bench Patrick Mahomes

I know Mahomes signed a monster contract over the offseason, but are we sure the legendary Chad Henne can’t win the starting job ahead of Week 1? The Chiefs are Super Bowl favorites, so maybe they’re willing to see what their backup can do before they go on a roll and make another title run.

The Texans get DeAndre Hopkins back

Trading one of the best pass catchers in the game for a struggling running back and a couple draft picks was a terrible idea. Hopkins did sign an extension with the Cardinals, but maybe there was a hidden take backs part of his trade that Houston neglected to mention. The Texans would still have to stop the Chiefs from scoring somehow, but getting an elite target for Deshaun Watson would be a step in the right direction.

J.J. Watt gets a sack on every play

Watt has dealt with his fair share of injuries in recent years, but is a dominant force when he’s healthy. He can’t play every position, but stopping Kansas City from throwing the ball would certainly limit the offense. The Chiefs averaged 61.7 offensive snaps per game in 2019, If they maintain that pace in 2020 and Watt would need around 46 sacks to make every series a three and out. That’s a tall order, as the record for most sacks in a game is seven, set by none other than the Chiefs’ Derrick Thomas.