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ACC releases football schedule

If we’re going to play college football this year, a very big if, here’s how one of the Power Five conferences intends to do it

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence addresses the media before the “March for Change” protest at Bowman Field on June 13, 2020 in Clemson, South Carolina. Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Atlantic Coast Conference, aka Clemson and The Disciples, released a college football schedule this morning. Here it is in graphic form:

League play isn’t scheduled to start until September 12th, a week later than originally planned. Teams will also have two bye weekends instead of the normal one, and all teams will play 10 conference games with one non-conference matchup.

Notre Dame will be a part of the ACC this year, conceding independence for a normal schedule while throwing in their TV revenue from NBC to be a part of the media rights sharing of the league for 2020 football.

Here are the non-con assignments:

Boston College vs. Ohio September 12th
Clemson: TBA
Duke: vs. Charlotte October 31st
Florida State: vs. Samford September 19th
Georgia Tech: vs. Central Florida September 19th
Louisville: vs. Western Kentucky September 12th
Miami: vs. UAB September 10th
North Carolina: TBA
North Carolina State: vs. Liberty November 21st
Notre Dame: vs. Western Michigan September 19th
Pitt: vs. Miami (OH) September 12th
Syracuse: vs. Liberty October 17th
Virginia: vs. VMI September 11th
Virginia Tech: vs. Liberty November 7th
Wake Forest: vs. Old Dominion October 9th

So that’s the plan. Now the question becomes, for a league that has already had multiple Covid-19 outbreaks before practices in pads have even started, can this actually happen?

That might be a bet you can actually cash before any on the games listed above.