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Significant wind in forecast for Thursday, Friday at 2020 PGA Championship

We break down the weather forecast for this week’s PGA Championship in San Francisco. There is serious wind in the forecast.

The PGA Tour is headed to San Francisco for the first major tournament since restarting play. The PGA Championship tees off on Thursday at TPC Harding Park, with golfers getting going at 7 a.m. PT.

The San Francisco locations means temperatures will be pleasant without much in the way of rain in the forecast. The PGA Tour website suggests potential scattered thunderstorms on Friday, but the chances seem low. The National Weather Service forecasts partly sunny on Thursday, mostly sunny on Friday and Saturday, and sunny on Sunday.

Where things could get problematic on Thursday and Friday is with wind. The coastal side of San Francisco deals with all sorts of wind, and DarkSky is forecasting significant Thursday afternoon winds. Rotogrinders chief meteorologist Kevin Roth is seeing potentially 15-20 mph sustained winds with gusts upwards of 25 mph. He forecasts some wind on Friday afternoon, but thinks it will be lighter than Thursday.

If you’re looking to sort out your golfers for Thursday and Friday, check out Round 1 tee times and Round 2 tee times. Those early Thursday golfers appear to be the ones to keep an eye on for your Showdown contests.