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Best ball draft targets: Wide receivers

We look at wide receivers who you should target in your 2020 best ball drafts.

Mecole Hardman #17 of the Kansas City Chiefs warms up before the game against the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium on November 10, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Tennessee defeats Kansas City 35-32. Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Best ball can be attacked similarly to redraft, but we also want to accentuate upside over consistency. That means there are some players who we often avoid in redraft that we will feel better getting in best ball. Picking some of these players will go against your instincts, but usually they can be had at value. Some of these guys are akin to the big, lumbering home run hitters who strike out a ton and have a .220 average but also knock out 30-40 homers each year.

We’ll look at five wide receiver targets below. You’ll want around seven to nine wide receivers in DraftKings best ball leagues. The number will depend on the makeup of those receivers. If you went heavy on studs early in the draft, you could probably get away with seven and if you waited, you might feel better with nine.

Mecole Hardman, Chiefs

Hardman has been a someone fantasy players would love to see more work, as he is a big play waiting to happen. Unfortunately he isn’t guaranteed more work after the Chiefs brought back Sammy Watkins and Demarcus Robinson for this season. But, we can safely say that Hardman is a player who would put up big games when given a shot, because he did so last season.

Desean Jackson, Eagles

Jackson has always been a boom or bust player, as he is a deep threat who doesn’t connect on deep passes each week. That makes it tough to count on him in redraft, but does make him useful in best ball. The Eagles stocked up on receivers this offseason, but Alshon Jeffery is hurting and could miss time early while another deep threat, Marquise Goodwin, has opted out. Rookie Jealen Reagor will be a factor, but Jackson is set up for a starting job and plenty of chances for big plays.

Marquise Brown, Ravens

Brown was a boom or bust player last season, but mostly bust due to nagging injuries. But this season he should be able to come into his own, as both he and Lamar Jackson should continue to improve this year. He’s not cheap, but his big play ability in a Baltimore offense that can put up points in a hurry, is perfect for best ball.

Will Fuller, Texans

Will Fuller, even while missing multiple games each season, has been a useful best ball receiver due to his big blow up games. He’d be a better best ball receiver if he could stay on the field of course, but his upside when healthy remains great. Add in the loss of Deandre Hopkins and his target share should get a boost this season.

Mike Williams, Chargers

Williams is a deep threat who had trouble getting the deep ball from Philip Rivers last season. It’s difficult to know if Tyrod Taylor or Justin Herbert will be better, but there’s a decent chance they will. Williams is a breakout player if given the chance, but even if he doesn’t completely go off this season, his ability to high point passes deep and in the end zone make him a good best ball target.