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Report: Alex Cintrón suspended 20 games, Ramón Laureano reportedly gets 6 games for role in brawl

MLB is handing down significant suspensions for the brawl involving Alex Cintrón and Ramón Laureano.

The Oakland Athletics and the Houston Astros benches scuffle after Athletics’ Ramon Laureano charged Houston hitting coach Alex Cintron in the seventh inning at the Coliseum in Oakland, Calif., on Sunday, August 9, 2020. Photo by Nhat V. Meyer/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images

UPDATE 2:54 p.m.: Ramon Laureano’s suspension is believed to be six games, not five, per reporter Susan Slusser.

Major League Baseball is handing down suspensions for player and coach roles in Sunday’s brawl between the Oakland Athletics and Houston Astros, and one is a record. Astros hitting coach Alex Cintrón has been suspended 20 games and A’s outfielder Ramón Laureano has been suspended five games, per reporter Bob Ninghtengale. There are conflicting reports that Laureano’s is still being finalized. The length of Cintrón’s suspension is believed to be the longest ever for an MLB coach.

Cintrón appears to have instigated Laureano after the latter was hit by a pitch for the second time in the game. Laureano was walking to first when Cintrón chirped at him and the A’s outfielder made a bee-line for the Astros bench. Laureano later told ESPN Cintrón said something vile about his mother that instigated the charge.

Laureano said he did not want to be a distraction and understands that a suspension would be forthcoming.

“I regret charging him because he’s a loser,” Laureano told ESPN. “[A suspension] is understandable, but I hope it’s not that many games.

“At the end of the day, I’m here to win a World Series with the Oakland Athletics — this wonderful group of guys. I don’t want to be a distraction. Obviously, I am right now. Hey, I’ve already moved on. I’m facing Julio Teheran today, and that’s all I’m thinking right now.”