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Beginner NHL DFS: Scoring

We continue our breakdown of the basics for NHL DFS. In this section, we look at scoring, with definitions and some basic strategy.

Jordan Binnington #50 of the St. Louis Blues skates against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center on March 06, 2020 in Newark, New Jersey. The Devils defeated the Blues 4-2. Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In daily fantasy hockey, like in most things, getting the fundamentals down is integral toward laying a foundation of knowledge to build from as you progress as a player. For DFS, that means understanding the scoring rules.


This is the scoring system for DraftKings daily fantasy hockey.


Goal: +8.5 Pts
Assist: +5 Pts
Shot on Goal: +1.5 Pts
Blocked Shot: +1.3 Pts
Short Handed Point Bonus (Goal/Assist): +2 Pts
Shootout Goal: +1.5 Pts
Hat Trick Bonus: +3 Pts
5+ Shots: +3 Pts
3+ Blocked Shots: +3 Pts
3+ Points: +3 pts


Win: +6 Pts
Save: +0.7 Pts
Goal Against: -3.5 Pts
Shutout Bonus: +4 Pts
Overtime Loss: +2 Pts
35+ Saves: +3 Pts


Target shots

DraftKings gives the most points to skaters who consistently get shots on goal. A shot on goal gets you +1.5 DK points and 5+ shots gives you +3 DK points bonus. And that is all without actually getting the puck in the net. You’ll need to pay up for players who put up a high floor of shots on goal per game, but you can find some value in players who are in an efficiency funk but are still getting chances to shoot.

Save opportunities

Rostering a goalie who can get a shutout and a win along with big saves is great, but .7 DK points per save and a +3 bonus for 35+ saves makes finding value at goalie a little easier. A goalie who loses and gives up goals can still be worthwhile with big save numbers. If a matchup looks like it is assured plenty of shots on goal, you can get away with a cheaper play.

Bonus for defenders

Defenders will usually be a source of value, as they are cheaper due to their lack of offensive numbers. The good news is that you can find well-rounded defenders who can accumulate points with blocked shots and shots on goal. One key for finding value is to look for consistent blocked shot numbers, as you get a bonus of 3 DK points with three blocked shots. Those three blocked shots and bonus can give your defender 6.9 DK points, which is great for any value play.