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NASCAR Hall of Fame - Lesson 01 - Part Time Drivers

What Car Do I Drive Today?

NASCAR allows 43 drivers to qualify and start most NASCAR races (situations like 42 at Kentucky in 2014 are outside of the norm). Of these 43 cars sometimes a part time driver can enter and start the race. There are also times in which an injury or an unforeseen circumstance happens to the driver of a certain team. To allow the team and car to run in the race, teams will allow a part time driver to take the place of the other driver. This can make for some interesting value plays if you catch the driver and salary ahead of time.

What is a Part Time Driver?

NASCAR consists of a 36 races in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. If a driver is not with a team consistently and only runs a few races a year then they are considered part time. Most of the time a part timer is entered into a race to get the team exposure or the driver experience (Ty Dillon at Pocono, 2015) However, sometimes the big name drivers get injured, are sick, or are away due to family circumstances. In this case a part time driver will be inserted into the car to race for team/owners points. A great example of this happened to Kyle Busch during the Daytona Xfinity Series race in 2015. Kyle was injured during the race and fractured his foot, which placed his status to out indefinitely. Obviously, Kyle’s team and the #18 were already entered/qualified into the Daytona 500. Matt Crafton was tapped as the part time driver and would have scored the DK points for that race.

Sometimes the style of a track will produce part time drivers. One of the most famous track styles for this is the road course. At road course races there are drivers that strictly race road courses. One example of a road course “ringer” is Boris Said. Said is an active driver that is usually subbed in for a team to compete in a road course race. One of the most famous road course ringers was Dan Gurney who posted 5 NASCAR road course wins in the 1960s. Most active drivers are preferring to race stay in their cars now for road course races as wins are so important for making the Chase.

Part Timers in Play

For DraftKings Fantasy NASCAR players the advantage of knowing when a part time driver is racing is huge. Usually, because of the lack of previous racing stats these drivers come in at a very cheap price. Most of these drivers are still very good and if part time for a large team (like Kyle Busch in the early part of 2015) then the overall advantage for machinery and pit crew is also better. Ty Dillon drove part time at Pocono in 2015. He is a good driver and was using RCR equipment. For DraftKings Fantasy NASCAR players that noticed him at $7,400 he rewarded them with 35.75 total fantasy points. Make sure you check on who may be a part time driver each week.

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NASCAR Hall of Fame – Lesson 01 – Part Time Drivers
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