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Madden Stream: Cowboys vs. Titans DraftKings Showdown Strategies, Depth Charts and Captain’s Picks

We’re all in need of some entertainment during these times of the unknown. DraftKings is doing its part by offering Madden simulations with a variety of teams going at it. For this piece, we’ll focus on the Cowboys and Titans game that’ll take place at 4 p.m. ET Wednesday afternoon.…

We’re all in need of some entertainment during these times of the unknown. DraftKings is doing its part by offering Madden simulations with a variety of teams going at it. For this piece, we’ll focus on the Cowboys and Titans game that’ll take place at 4 p.m. ET Wednesday afternoon.

Kevin Roth tackles Wild Weather Wednesday

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The settings for this and all other Madden games are as follows:

Difficulty: All-Madden
Game Style: Arcade
Event Type: Exhibition
Even Teams: Off
Quarter Length: 8 minutes
Accelerated Clock: On
Play Clock: 20 seconds

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Rain will be turned on for this game

Dak Prescott ($11,000) has been a ball hog in these simulations as of late. Over his last 10 games, he’s only passed for at least 200 yards in two of those games. Despite that, he’s averaging 19 DKFP in that span. How? He’s thrown 13 touchdowns over that stretch and is also doing a lot of damage on the ground and has at least 30 rushing yards in all of those games. With his lack of passing it’s been really tough to pair him with multiple receivers as of late and Prescott is becoming someone you would potentially play alone or with no more than two receivers. He’s still a great fantasy asset on his own but his teammates have felt the effects lately.

Amari Cooper ($10,400) is one of those guys who has been struggling with the lack of passing by Prescott. He’s coming off a really strong game against the Raiders where he scored 25.9 DKFP with 119 receiving yards and a touchdown scored but prior to that, he was averaging 9.5 DKFP over his last five. The Titans do have some good corners on their team so it’s not the best matchup for Cooper. He’s been a tough player to pay up for lately, especially with Prescott keeping the ball more. Michael Gallup ($6,400) is listed as the WR2 on this team but you’d never know it from his fantasy output, averaging a putrid 6.7 DKFP. He’s not seeing good volume at all, averaging just 2.7 receptions, 30 yards and has scored four touchdowns through 27 games. Why he continues to be so expensive is beyond me. This is leading me to potentially use Jason Witten ($6,600). Seeing that he’s only $200 more than Gallup, Witten is averaging 3.4 receptions, 39 receiving yards and has scored 10 times through 27 games. Getting those type of numbers at a mid-tier salary are more than enticing to use, even if Witten drives me nuts. To his credit, he’s made at least four catches in five straight games. Randall Cobb ($4,800) is a cheaper option to consider but other than his seven touchdowns, none of his numbers really pop out at you. His volume is low, averaging 2.2 receptions and 26 receiving yards but he does have a healthy amount of touchdowns. In an offense that you’re not crazy about spending up at, Cobb at least saves you some salary.

Ezekiel Elliott ($9,800) isn’t catching as much as I would like but he’s still seeing a healthy amount of work to make him worthy of your roster. I tend to shy away from guys who don’t catch out of the backfield and Elliott is on the fringe right now, as he’s averaging 1.9 receptions per game. However, he’s scored 20 times so his touchdown equity makes up the difference. In all, he’s averaging 93 scrimmage yards per game and has gone over the 100 rushing yard mark seven times, giving us that 3 DKFP bonus.

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Rain will be turned on for this game

You probably won’t see Ryan Tannehill ($10,800) with over 1,000 more passing yards in the same number of games over Prescott in real life but that’s what we’re dealing with in the sim world. Even with that massive increase in his passing, Tannehill is still averaging less than Prescott with 16 DKFP per game to go with 45 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Tannehill doesn’t use his legs as much and is averaging just 213.8 passing yards per game. With a solid secondary for the Cowboys as well, I’m not really going out of my way to get Tannehill in my lineup.

A.J. Brown ($8,400) is another high priced guy I’m not really looking to get in my lineup. Despite being atop the depth chart, Brown is averaging 3.7 receptions, 57.1 yards and only 10 touchdowns scored. He’s posted no more than 6.3 DKFP in four of his last five games and is simply way too risky for how expensive he is. One of the better plays on the Titans for this game is Delanie Walker ($7,600). He’s seeing the better volume with 4.1 receptions, 50 receiving yards but only nine touchdowns. He won’t be dealing with the tough coverage like some of his teammates and he’s not all that expensive either. He, along with Corey Davis ($5,200) are my receivers of choice on the Titans for this game. Davis has been seeing the WR1 type volume as of late, making at least six receptions in three of his last five games and scoring in four straight. It’s bumped his average up to 3.4 receptions and 48 receiving yards overall. Finally, we can’t forget about the WR4 in Adam Humphries ($3,200). The slot receiver is seeing three receptions and 39 yards per game with six touchdowns scored despite his really low price tag. It doesn’t take much from him to pay off his really small salary. This game will be played with rain turned on so more people than usual could be looking toward Derrick Henry ($8,800). While it’s not surprising to see the Titans try and establish the run, it usually hasn’t gone well for them or Henry. He’s not catching out of the backfield with just 11 total receptions in 27 games so his average of 59 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns isn’t getting it done. Even in this atmosphere, I’m not going to Henry at all.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this game was a bit lower scoring than usual as the weather, good secondaries on both sides could really drive down the offense. If you’re not taking Dak Prescott ($16,500) at captain, I think you could use either of the tight ends in this game. Both of them, Delanie Walker ($11,400) and Jason Witten ($9,900) see enough volume from their quarterbacks and are in good matchups today.

Final Score: Cowboys 21, Titans 17




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