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Best lineup strategy for Jets vs. Vikings Madden simulation Showdown

The Jets and Vikings square off in a Tuesday Madden simulation at DraftKings. We break down Showdown strategy to consider.

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Trae Waynes runs from New York Jets wide receiver Charone Peake after making an interception during the second half at MetLife Stadium.  Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings will face off in a Madden sim Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET. We break down the ideal Showdown lineup strategy for the DFS contest that will be played in the snow. You can set your lineup and play in the DraftKings contest before kickoff.

Captain’s Pick

Stefon Diggs ($16,500)

You probably looked at this pick, went over to the contest page and looked up Diggs’ fantasy box score. Took a peak and wondered, “Is this guy nuts?” You’re right, I am nuts. That’s the reason this pick will work out. I can’t assure you that Diggs will blow up, but he’s certainly capable of doing so. Because of his struggles earlier in sim land, Diggs’ ownership should be a bit lower. He’s a good leverage at Captain in a contest that may not see a ton of scoring.

Fade of the Game

Sam Darnold ($15,300)

For some reason they pumped out every QB in the NFL into the Madden sim engine and the only one who pulled the short straw was Darnold. Not exactly, but Darnold is one of the few QBs who actually throws interceptions pretty frequently in these sims. The Vikings have an OK defense and the price on Darnold is just way too high — like all QBs in these contests.

Value Picks

Vikings D/ST ($4,200) — If you read the above blurb about Darnold, you probably could have guessed I was going to throw the Vikes D/ST at you right here. There are few times in these sims in which turnovers are more likely. The Jets turn the ball over a decent amount, mostly through Darnold. So if that chance is increased, the Vikings D/ST has a higher ceiling.

Chris Herndon ($2,600) — It took a while for Herndon to get going in sim land but now he’s finally producing. Because of that, similar to how Diggs is set up in the lineup builder, we can take advantage of Herndon going overlooked. If he can get in the end zone or get a few receptions we’re looking strong for value here.