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Kylin Hill says change the state flag, or he’s out at Mississippi State

The Bulldogs First Team All-SEC running back says on Twitter he’ll leave if a change isn’t made.

Kylin Hill of the Mississippi State Bulldogs runs past Demani Richardson of the Texas A&M Aggies and Clifford Chattman during the second half at Kyle Field on October 26, 2019 in College Station, Texas. Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Monday morning, Mississippi governor Tate Reeves said he opposes a second State of Mississippi flag that would be “separate but equal” to the current one that features a smaller version of the Confederate flag in the upper left corner.

However, the best running back for the Mississippi State Bulldogs doesn’t think that’s good enough.

First-team All-SEC halfback Kylin Hill ran for 1,350 yards on 242 carries last season with 10 touchdowns, and added 10 catches for 180 yards. He’s a pro prospect that has already played his junior year, and could sit out and wait for the 2021 NFL Draft if he chose. And he’s apparently not interested in any equivocation about the Confederate flag issue that’s engulfing the state where he played in high school and chose to attend college.

Hill had 27 carries for 132 yards in the Egg Bowl last year. He’s an impact player whose voice can make a difference, and he has options. If anything will move the state on the issue of the flag, in a place where the rivalry between Ole Miss and MSU dominates conversation 365 days a year, it will be losing football recruits to schools outside the borders. There are no professional sports in Mississippi. College football is the largest driver of entertainment and fandom in the state.

And if more players make these same statements and stick with them, it could drive political change in Mississippi. Quickly.