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Best lineup strategy for Washington vs. Seattle Madden simulation Showdown

The Washington and Seattle square off in a Thursday Madden simulation at DraftKings. We break down Showdown strategy to consider.

Redskins free safety DeAngelo Hall defends a pass intended for Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham and wide receiver Tanner McEvoy during the fourth quarter at CenturyLink Field. Washington defeated Seattle, 17-14.  Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks and Washington will face off in a Madden sim Thursday at 6:00 p.m. ET. We break down the ideal Showdown lineup strategy for the DFS contest that will be played in the snow. You can set your lineup and play in the DraftKings contest before kickoff.

Captain’s Pick

Russell Wilson ($17,700)

It would appear it is time to roll out Wilson as Captain again. That’s pretty much the case in most Seattle simulations, but this matchup against Washington is just too good. Wilson is basically a QB1 and RB1 rolled into one player, I think I’ve deemed them “Super Players” or something dumb. Anyway, Wilson has a very high floor and his ceiling is among one of the best at QB. Because of that, he’s one of the rare QB plays I’ll allow at Captain.

Fade of the Game

Derrius Guice ($12,000 CP)

A few sims ago I probably told you to fade Guice. I’m not going to change things up for a matchup against the Seahawks. If anything, Washington should be able to throw all over the Seattle secondary. Guice just doesn’t offer consistency like we need at Captain. We’ve seen big games from Guice, sure, but we’ve also see him get nine yards rushing and barely any touches. The volatility just ain’t me, so I’m fading it.

Value Picks

I sounds like a broken record, but same thing in value picks for Washington. Paul Richardson Jr. ($5,600) and Trey Quinn ($4,600), plus Chris Thompson ($1,400) are all strong value plays. Richardson and Quinn are basically the WR1-2 combo for Dwayne Haskins. P-Rich is a great GPP play but should have high ownership. Quinn is the safer of the bunch and has the better floor. Thompson is more of a lineup filler than anything. We can interchange Thompson with his 3rd-down counterpart C.J. Prosise ($1,000) for Seattle.