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Best lineup strategy for Cowboys vs. Jaguars Madden simulation Showdown

The Cowboys and Jaguars square off in a Sunday Madden simulation at DraftKings. We break down Showdown strategy to consider.

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott runs against Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack in the third quarter at AT&T Stadium. Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars will face off in a Madden sim Sunday at 10:00 p.m. ET. We break down the ideal Showdown lineup strategy for the DFS contest that will be played in the snow. You can set your lineup and play in the DraftKings contest before kickoff.

Captain’s Pick

D.J. Chark ($13,500)

It’s a .... C-C-C-C-C-Chark Atttttack!!! Okay, now that you’re pumped up, let’s take a look at why D.J. Chark is a good Captain’s pick. Killer. So Chark has big-time upside or BTS, making him capable of putting up huge numbers. For instance, three sims ago against the Packers, Chark had 6-121-2 for 34.7 DKFP. That was his second straight multi-TD game at the time and third in the past four games. Fast forward to now and Chark has 22 TDs in 23 games. There’s blood in the water.

Fade of the Game

Jason Witten ($10,800 CP)

Witten is a guy I don’t like as Captain but I’m alright using him in the FLEX. There aren’t many players who scream “definitely don’t roster me!” Even Amari Cooper is a bit overpriced but we can’t fade him, he’s Amari Cooper. He’s been really good lately. So Witten is the odd man out. He’s become very TD dependent and even then, doesn’t really get you to 20 DKFP ever. He’s a good floor play at UTIL but not the best.

Bargain Shopping

I went over a few names here for the Captain’s spot but ultimately decided they were too risky. The first one was Randall Cobb ($4,800), who has had one game over 20 DKFP. Usually I wouldn’t worry about that little guy, but he’s still there, poking at our anxiety. Cobb may capture that upside again, anything can happen. If it doesn’t, we’re not looking great, however.

The other WR was Marqise Lee ($4,600). In similar fashion, Lee has one game over 20 DKFP and that’s it. He’s had a few more sims over 10 DKFP, so there’s a better floor with Lee and we save $200 compared to Cobb. The matchup is tougher since Dallas has decent corners.