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Intermediate MLB DFS: Ballpark Factors

We continue our breakdown of the basics for MLB DFS. In this section, we look at ballpark factors and how they can influence strategy.

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Josh Fuentes #8 of the Colorado Rockies reacts to his three-run home run against the San Diego Padres in the seventh inning at Coors Field on September 15, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

In daily fantasy baseball, like in most things, getting the fundamentals down is integral toward laying a foundation of knowledge to build from as you progress as a player. For DFS, that means understanding how the different ballparks play for hitters and pitchers.

Ballpark Factors


A “ballpark factor” is something that causes an individual park to be easier to hit in than others. The most well known of these is Coors Park in Denver, which produces big power numbers due to low air density. However, park dimensions, weather patterns, etc, can all make an impact.


Ten years ago you wouldn’t have the resources we have today on ballpark statistics. Now, we have plenty of ways to determine park factors. We know which parks are better for left-handed and or right-handed hitters and can even look at the impact of seasonal weather, looking at trends throughout the year. Research is available out there to help you quantify which parks are the best for hitters and pitchers, but from a large scale look, here are the top parks for DK points scored above or below salary-based expectations.


Coors Park — Colorado Rockies
Chase Field — Arizona Diamondbacks
Great American Ballpark — Cincinnati Reds
Globe Life Park — Texas Rangers


Tropicana Field — Miami Marlins
T-Mobile Park — Seattle Mariners
Minute Maid Park — Houston Astros
Angel Stadium — Los Angeles Angels

Don’t blindly roster players based on overall numbers though. When you look at these numbers on a monthly basis, there is a big difference as the weather changes throughout the season. A place like Globe Life Park in Texas isn’t a great place for hitters early in the season, but as the temperature’s rise, the ball starts flying out of the park.

The better you can understand how a park “plays” at certain times of the season and in certain types of weather, the longer your leg up on the competition will be.