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Best lineup strategy for Raptors vs. Celtics NBA simulation Showdown

We go over how to approach Monday afternoon’s simulated fantasy basketball contest on DraftKings.

Toronto Raptors forward Pascal Siakam shoots the ball against Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell during the first half at Vivint Smart Home Arena. Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The featured simulated basketball contest on DraftKings for Wednesday afternoon is between the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors. Here, we’ll go over how to approach lineup construction for the fantasy basketball contest.

Captain’s Picks

Kemba Walker ($13,500)

I feel like taking the best stud value option is the way to go at Captain for Celtics vs. Raptors. Walker is cheaper than both Jayson Tatum and Pascal Siakam, but you can argue that Walker is even with both of those guys in terms of production this season. At least if we’re looking at box scores. Walker has plenty of games over 30+ points and he also has a bit less variance due to some injuries during the regular season.

FLEX Options

Jaylen Brown ($8,200)

Aside from some of the top options, Brown is another guard worth this price. It’s actually pretty affordable. I view the Celtics’ whole starting lineup as more even than anything. Sure, Tatum and Walker have some higher ceiling games, but Brown has had his fair share of scoring binges. I like the idea of paying down a bit and getting a consistent option.

Marc Gasol ($3,000)

There isn’t a ton of value in this contest. I feel like the way to go is pay way down and stack 4-5 stud options. Gasol can sort of get us there at this price and he’s got a decent floor. Remember, his injuries don’t hurt him in this format, if anything they help us out a bit. Gasol’s time missed, plus his decent floor from rebounds will make it easy to return value at this price.