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Best lineup strategy for Panthers vs. Texans Madden simulation Showdown

The Panthers and Texans square off in a Saturday Madden simulation at DraftKings. We break down Showdown strategy to consider.

Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey stands on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks at Bank of America Stadium. Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans will face off in a Madden sim Saturday at 4:00 p.m. ET. We break down the ideal Showdown lineup strategy for the DFS contest that will be played in the snow. You can set your lineup and play in the DraftKings contest before kickoff.

Captain’s Picks

DeAndre Hopkins ($15,300)

Hopkins and Deshaun Watson ($16,500) are fast becoming the most volatile plays in DFS sim land. It’s been three straight games in which Hopkins has failed to make it to double-digit fantasy points. One of those games the Texans lost 24-6. Another the Texans won 31-10 against the Cardinals. Hopkins did nothing in each. At some point, Nuk is going to break out and when that happens I’d rather have him in there.

DJ Moore ($13,200)

There are a bunch of options you’ll likely be looking at other than Moore. That’s fine. He hasn’t been fantastic in these simulations. There is a case to be made for Moore given the leverage we’ll get and his production. For the most part, Moore has been fine. He’s got double-digit fantasy points in five of his past seven sims. The leverage and the safe floor make Moore a decent Captain.


Will Fuller V ($6,800)

We probably should have thrown Fuller up in the Captain’s section but I like this price for him in the FLEX. If I’m spending $6.8K for a player who can score 42.5 points on six catches, 155 yards and 3 TDs, then great. Fuller is also volatile — this seems to be a trend with the Texans offense. Because of this, Fuller will always be a good play but carries plenty of risk.

Chris Manhertz ($1,000)

Manhertz has a TD in each of his past two appearances. Unfortunately those appearances came six simulations between each other. So to say this is a risky play would be an understatement. If you’re looking for someone who is dirt cheap who can potentially return big value, Manhertz is an OK option. The salary savings will allow you to pay up for Hopkins, Watkins and Christian McCaffrey.