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Charlie Baker announces that pro teams in Massachusetts can return to practice June 6th

Governor Charlie Baker is expected to give Massachusetts pro sports teams the go-ahead to return to practice on Friday, June 6th.

Massachusetts Governor Charles Baker gives an emotional speech and appears on the verge of tears as he thanked the Kraft family at the start of his remarks after a New England Patriots jet arrived at Logan Airport in East Boston on Apr. 1, 2020 after flying from China with a massive shipment of over one million N95 masks. They will be used in Boston and New York to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. Part of the shipment is driven into a hanger after being off loaded from the plane. Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

According to a report from WBZ-TV in Boston, Massachusetts, governor Charlie Baker is expected to announce that professional sports teams are allowed to return to practice Friday. Teams will be able to begin preparing for their respective seasons while adhering to local and state health and safety protocols.

Massachusetts is home to some massive fan bases. Let’s take a look at how some of its teams could be affected by this news.

New England Patriots

The Patriots reign supreme in Massachusetts and are looking to navigate their first offseason without Tom Brady since 2000. The Patriots are in their offseason workout program, but have been allowed to re-open their offices to small numbers of front office personnel. They have yet to return. Additionally, coaches and players are not yet allowed back at any NFL facilities. The players in particular require the owners reach an agreement with the union to restart in-person activities.

Boston Celtics

The NBA is looking to start training camp in July. It is aiming to resume the season in Orlando, Florida sometime later in July or in early August, at the Walt Disney World Resort. The re-opening of Massachusetts could allow the Celtics to knock off the rust before a playoff push.

Boston Bruins

The Bruins could be a top seed in the 24-team playoff the NHL hopes to have in the coming months. The location has not been decided, but multiple host cities are being considered. Players could return home first, or be asked to relocate to their designated host city ahead of the postseason.

Boston Red Sox

MLB is pushing for the season to start in July, but there’s work to be done. Owners and players are looking to come to an agreement on prorated salaries for the year, and health and safety regulations are still being hashed out. It seems like teams will do spring training in their home cities if a deal is completed soon.

New England Revolution.

MLS is also hoping to include all 26 of its teams in a World Cup-style, round-robin tournament on Orlando. How training before the tournament will work has yet to be determined.