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Best lineup strategy for Chiefs vs. Buccaneers Madden simulation Showdown

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs could get in a shootout against the Buccaneers and should be a top captain’s target for Wednesday’s Madden sim.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes celebrates after a touchdown in the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium. Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off in a Madden simulation Wednesday in a battle of high-powered offenses. Both sides like to throw the ball a ton, although this game will take place in the rain. We break down the ideal Showdown strategy options on DraftKings, and you can set your lineup here.

Captain’s Picks

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs ($17,400)

Mahomes is the most expensive option in the contest for good reason. He has an overall rating of 99, excellent weapons, and a plethora of superstar traits. Mahomes has elite mobility to escape rushers impressive arm strength as well. Tampa Bay’s defense is strong up front, but Mahomes should be able to pick apart the secondary like its nothing.

Tyreek Hill, WR, Chiefs ($15,600)

The Buccaneers’ top cornerback has a 76 rating and 88 speed. That’s a huge mismatch for Hill, whose 99 speed makes him the fastest wideout in the game. All of Tampa Bay’s defensive backs actually have ratings below 80. Hill should be able to get in behind the defense with ease and rack up yards after the catch on short passes as well.


Mike Evans, WR, Buccaneers ($9,800)

Evans has been one of the more consistent receivers we’ve seen, but doesn’t the same kind of mismatches Kansas City’s pass catchers have. The Chiefs actually have a few stars in their secondary, but Evans’ ability to catch in traffic (95) and spectacular catching (97) makes him worth a play.

Chris Godwin, WR, Buccaneers ($7,400)

Godwin’s catching (97) is the third highest mark in the game. He’ll likely be covered by the Chiefs’ second best cornerback, who has a 76 overall rating. Winston makes use use of all his receivers, and Godwin should benefit from facing below average coverage.