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Best lineup strategy for Rams vs. Ravens Madden simulation Showdown

The Rams and Ravens square off in a Saturday Madden simulation at DraftKings. We break down Showdown strategy to consider.

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods heads upfield with a pass during the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams and Baltimore Ravens will face off in a Madden sim Saturday at 8:00 p.m. ET. We break down the ideal Showdown lineup strategy for the DFS contest. You can set your lineup and play in the DraftKings contest before kickoff.

Captain’s Picks

Mark Ingram ($12,300)

With heavy ownership going to Lamar Jackson ($17,400) and the fact that Ingram hasn’t really killed it in sims, I like the RB1 in the Captain a bit. He’s cheaper than some of the other top studs on the Rams and gives us some leverage on Jackson’s play. I think it’s tough to fade Jackson in this contest and chances are you’re going to want to Captain him. That’s boring though, so I’m going to go off the wall with Ingram. It’s not like Ingram’s been bad either, he has double-digit fantasy points in four of five.

Robert Woods ($11,100)

I’m all about the leverage plays at Captain in this contest. A ton of the ownership is going to go to Jackson. Any ownership that isn’t Jackson will likely be split between Todd Gurley ($12,600), Cooper Kupp ($14,100) and Jared Goff ($15,900). I think Woods will be sub-10% ownership or so and if he’s higher, it won’t be by much. There’s not much difference in average fantasy points per sim if we look at players not named Jackson. So Woods is cheapest of the bunch and gives us some leverage. He’s also been solid with 20+ points in two of his past four games.


Mark Andrews ($6,400)

If you’re thinking about an all-out Ravens stack with Jackson, Andrews is the top receiving option for Baltimore. He’s averaging 12.3 fantasy points per sim and this is the cheapest we’ve seen his price in the FLEX spot for Andrews all sim season. I’m not exactly sure why his price dropped that much? Andrews is coming off three straight games with double-digit fantasy points. He’s a pretty safe bet for 4-5 catches each sim.

Justin Tucker ($4,200)

There’s not a lot of value that’s consistent in this contest. When I say value I mean extreme value, not like Andrews or Seth Roberts ($4,400). Tucker isn’t a bad play if the game ends up being low scoring, which isn’t out of the question. The Rams have a decent defensive line and some corners who can cover. Really, the Ravens whole offense is centered around Lamar. We also need some value in order to fit in 3-4 studs, which is looking like the best strategy for lineup construction.