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Looking at best, worst destinations for Josh Green in 2020 NBA Draft

Josh Green’s limitations became very apparent at Arizona. Will he slide out of the lottery in the 2020 NBA Draft because of that? We break down his best and worst possible destinations.

Arizona Wildcats guard Josh Green reacts after a foul call against him in the second half against the Washington Huskies at McKale Center.  Jacob Snow-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 NBA Draft is approaching and despite the coronavirus pandemic, we need to start looking at prospects and where they might land. After the NBA Draft Lottery takes place, teams will know where they’re selecting in the first round. Even though we don’t know where each team will pick, there’s no reason we can’t start speculating where prospects will end up on draft night. In this segment, we’ll be looking at each top prospect and breaking down their best and worst possible destination in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Josh Green, SG, Arizona

Best possible destination: Milwaukee Bucks

Green entered Arizona as the second best shooting guard prospect in the class of 2019. He was only second to Anthony Edwards, but proved to be more limited than offensively than most expected. Green is one of the most gifted players in the draft athletically, but was mostly able to show that on the defensive end. His ball handling and passing could use some work, but his 3-and-D archetype is highly sought after at the next level.

The Milwaukee Bucks can’t get enough good defense and three-point shooting. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Brook Lopez, and Khris Middleton are all great defenders, and Wesley Matthews could opt out of his second season with the Bucks after this season. Why not replace a 3-and-D player who’s inconsistent as a shooter with a young replace who has higher upside? Donte DiVincenzo can play as a combo guard alongside Eric Bledsoe while Green develops his game.

Worst possible destination: Phoenix Suns

The Suns have Devin Booker manning the shooting guard spot and already have some versatile perimeter defenders in Mikal Bridges and Jevon Carter. Kelly Oubre Jr. can also get after it on the wing and guard power forwards as well. Phoenix needs a backcourt player with better ball skills who can have an immediate impact behind Ricky Rubio. Green doesn’t fit that profile, so don’t expect him to remain in Arizona following the draft.