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Best lineup strategy for Bengals vs. Browns Madden simulation Showdown

We break down the best lineup strategies for Wednesday’s Bengals-Browns Madden 20 simulation.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield runs with the ball against the Cincinnati Bengals during the first half at Paul Brown Stadium.  David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

There are three simulated Madden 20 games set to take place on Wednesday, and the first contest will be between the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. Kickoff is set for 1:00 p.m. ET and DraftKings will have DFS contests available for the matchup. We break down the ideal showdown lineup strategy for the contest, which you can play here.

Captain’s Picks

Baker Mayfield, QB, Browns ($15,900)

Mayfield doesn’t have the best stats, but he does have one of the better receiving corps in the game. Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry should help bolster the signal callers numbers against a secondary that has one player with an overall rating above 80.

Nick Chubb, RB, Browns ($13,200)

These simulations normally don’t favor running backs, but this matchup is too good to pass up. Chubb’s overall rating of 92 only trails Christian McCaffrey (99) and Ezekiel Elliott (93). None of Cincinnati’s linebackers have ratings above 73, which bodes well for a power runner like Chubb. He has solid speed and 90 trucking, so he should have a strong outing against a team that isn’t great at stopping the run.

Flex Men

Tyler Boyd, WR, Bengals ($6,400)

A.J. Green ($9,600) is healthy for this simulation, but I think Boyd gives you better value here. Picking a wide receiver as your most expensive player hasn’t panned out in most cases, so you should steer away from him. He’s about even with Green in terms of speed, acceleration, and catching, but is a lot cheaper.

Joe Mixon, RB, Bengals ($8,200)

Mixon is the Bengals second highest rated offensive player. He’s behind Green but above Boyd at 87 overall. He can be an asset on the ground and through the air out of the backfield. He’s not as pricey as Green or Dalton, but has similar upside because of his versatility. It’s also not likely that he’ll split too much time with Giovani Bernard ($2,600).