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Best lineup strategy for Lakers vs. Nets NBA simulation Showdown

We go over how to approach Monday afternoon’s simulated fantasy basketball contest on DraftKings.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James looks to move the ball in the second half a Brooklyn Nets at Staples Center.  Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The featured simulated basketball contest on DraftKings for Wednesday afternoon is between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets Here, we’ll go over how to approach lineup construction for the fantasy basketball contest.

Captain’s Picks

Anthony Davis ($16,500)

My lean will always be toward Davis in most cases as long as he’s cheaper than LeBron James ($18,600). It’s not surprise that LeBron is priced the highest, but AD being more than $2K cheaper seems like something we need to take advantage of here. Davis has the ceiling and floor package that we want in a Captain and the salary savings can give us more lineup flexibility.

The only other Captain I like in this contest is Caris LeVert ($10,800), who has upside at this price. We’re all aware of the run LeVert was on with the Nets before the pandemic broke out. LeVert had been averaging well over 20 points per game since February. He’s the play if you want to get more balanced and fit guys in.

FLEX Options

JaVale McGee ($3,400)

It’s hard to find any decent flex plays in this contest. I’d say go with stars and scrubs and just pay down for someone to fit in LeBron, AD and Kyrie Irving. McGee has a decent floor given he’s in the starting lineup most nights for Los Angeles and the rebounding. Dwight Howard ($3,800) is a bit more expensive, but also same thinking here — he’s a guy with a decent floor and is affordable.